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About us

Let us tell you about our journey so far.

Once upon a time, an enlightened man asked himself: ''Why on earth do we have hideous plastic electrical cables on our beautiful lamps?'' It turns out this question was the catalyst for anything that happened ever since. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see how Light Essentials' journey unfolds.

We believe that lighting should be a design element in itself.

In 2009 Derk van Mameren opened his first shop in fabric cables for lighting. It is called Snoerboer – a true tongue twister; we'll get to it in a second ;). Snoerboer launched with a dozen of colorful fabric cables and a tiny selection of electrical supplies.

These with fabric wounded electric cables were an instant success in our small shop in Rotterdam. And so the brand awareness grew. Even to this day Snoerboer is mentioned by well-known design magazines in The Netherlands and Belgium. As a result of this achievement, in 2012 the shop was being launched online as well. Meantime, the range wasn't amplified solely with fabric cables. It currently consists of dozens of light bulbs, design fixtures, lamp sockets and other essentials too.

The Snoerboer collection is expanding and currently available in over 150 shops around the country.

Why not move across borders?

For non-Dutchies among you who are still wondering how to pronounce Snoerboer: the oe is pronounced as the oo in wood. We know, it ain't the easiest. Snoer is the Dutch noun for cable, wire or cord and a boer is a farmer. There you go, cable farmer. It makes sense now, right? It's the equivalent to your green grocer, but with cables instead of greens.

Now, not until we decided to expand internationally did we feel the urge to change our name. A name that would fly easily with all of you out there on this globe. So we put Light Essentials on this earth: our new well-thought-out website. Why? Because we want everybody to be able to design their perfect lamp.

Lighting is what you make of it: the essentials.

Light Essentials has an even larger range of products. Our aim: being more than just a hardware store for electrics. Our quality and attention to detail are shared among craftspeople and light design companies throughout Europe and even further.

Besides providing you with our beautifully executed items and electrical supplies, we know like no other how to put DIY in a different light and bring it to the next level. This makes design lighting more diverse and available to everyone.

And this is just the start of an exciting new chapter!


More than 16 makers, engineers, explorers and inventors keep Light Essentials going. We produce our cables in the shadow of the industrial harbor of Rotterdam. Our team strives for making aesthetic lighting more affordable and accessible. Taking away the technical challenges so you only need to think about what matters most: creating your custom-made design lamp that works smoothly.

Meet the team

About our products


Each perfectly engineered fabric cable is technically safe and meets all European technical requirements. The fabric is spun around the cable with 14 coils, making the weave compact, even and refined. The core of the plastic electricity wire is made of PVC. The copper wires have a minimum diameter of 0.75 mm2, perfect for lighting fixtures and are insulated with a thick rubber sheath. Double insulated and double safe!

Light bulbs

Our light bulbs are the epitome of the latest LED technologies combined with the old-fashioned and atmospheric light output. By using retro glass and shapes with high-quality filaments, we have reinvented the light bulb. Take a closer look at the intricate details and the new features of our LED bulbs.

Traditional light bulb

40 watt
switches – 2000-3000
€80 - 350 kwh

LED light bulb

4 - 6 watt
switches – 25000-40000
€8 - 35kwh